Quote to Cash Reimagined

ATG Case Study:

SPS Commerce Looks for Support

Summary of Business Challenge:

  • As a leader in enterprise retail cloud development, SPS Commerce was constantly faced with demands of keeping the business running while making key business decisions.
  • Needed to provide world-class partner management capabilities for its growing partner ecosystem using a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution.
  • The ability to move forward in building a scalable PRM solution was a critical element of the company’s partner strategy.

The Charter:

  • To build a scalable PRM solution, it was critical that SPS Commerce survey the market, perform necessary due diligence, develop a business case, and work with potential vendors.
  • Move the project along quickly with minimal impact on internal resources.
  • Seek out a trusted partner to help run this strategic process while the company kept focus on growing its business.

ATG Solutions & Tools:

  • Assessment of where the PRM landscape was heading and strategically advice SPS Commerce through the process.
  • Leveraged deep industry knowledge along with efficient comparative templates across functional, technical, commercial, and intangible domains.
  • Able to quickly assess SPS’s critical success factors, identify relevant vendors and manage the RFP process with a select group of PRM vendors.

Results & Impacts:

  • With ATG’s leadership, SPS was able to build an airtight business case and select the right technology partner in just six weeks with minimal disruption to its normal business activities.
  • With ATG consultants doing the heavy lifting, SPS leadership was provided with summary updates and analysis as needed.
  • Through the entire process, ATG kept focus on the key business justification to ensure a rapid return on investment in the initiative.

Industry: Supply Chain Management
Services: SaaS Software and Logistics

Revenue: $95 million
Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

Website: spscommerce.com
CEO: Archie C. Black

“ATG’s guidance and accelerated RFP process was what I needed to get a strategic initiative back on track. Their professionalism and approach for evaluating vendors and running the process was top-notch, which allowed me to make an informed decision very quickly.

“ATG asked all the right questions and distilled its significant due diligence into meaningful comparative metrics, allowing me to take action with confidence. We were able to keep focus on our core business activities, knowing that ATG was dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.”

– David Novak, Executive VP, SPS Commerce