Custom CPQ Implementation Overcomes Manual Processes, Complex Pricing Logic

case study

Custom Salesforce CPQ Implementation Overcomes Manual Processes, Complex Pricing Logic


The client is a multinational financial technology company that sells software and software as a service to the financial services industry.

Industry: Financial Services
Services: Software & SaaS


A client acquisition had a unique software selling and pricing model which was done fully in Excel as a result of its complexity. The client wanted to enable a scalable and optimized CPQ solution which supported their complex pricing requirements (priced on the type and value of individual custodial accounts managed by their B2B customer) and allowed them deprecate their current manual processes which where inefficient, lacked proper internal controls, and resulted in a lack of systemized data critical for analysis and customer 360.

The client also needed to consider how it would enable consolidated selling along with their other service offerings such that it would enable upsell and cross-sell motions and realization of the acquisition's business case.


  • Implemented Salesforce CPQ.
  • Built out Custom Detail Child Object to manage granular custodial account information critical to pricing at scale – due to the complex nature of the client's acquired company's pricing model, a custom child object was required to track individual custodial accounts managed by the client's end-customers which could support high volumes, up to 40,000 accounts. The CPQ process leveraged this data model to support their complex pricing that did roll-up analysis and summaries as an input to software pricing.


  • ATG enabled the client to have a scalable CPQ solution which provided the proper automation, internal controls, and complex pricing logic needed to support their use cases.
  • As a result, the client was able to properly automate their quoting process resulting in a more efficient and controlled quoting process, a solution which will enable future consolidation with selling of other client services, and a solution which supports the high data volumes associated with the custodial account level data.