Document Management Solution Secures Efficiency Gains

case study

Document Management Solution Secures Efficiency Gains, Risk Reduction


The Client is a provider of cross-organizational data governance platform designed to deliver openness and freedom. 

Industry: Technology
Services: Data Governance


  • As the workload increased, the client's legal team was challenged with manual processes that created multiple versions of documentation, inconsistencies, and a high risk of error.
  • With multiple touch points, the client's manual order form became a constant version-control challenge.
  • Next steps were not automated so there were no guardrails to ensure a document was sent to the appropriate approvers or signatories.
  • Creation of the document was manual, also creating a higher risk for error.


  • Advisory Services: ATG utilized the Atlas Framework® methodology to leverage SpringCM documentation management strategies and existing Salesforce tools.
  • Implementation Services: ATG used SpringCM best practices on document strategy as well as the SpringCM document repository tool.
  • Implementation Services: A new logic workflow was developed, ensuring legal procedures were followed and that real-time progress could be tracked.
  • Managed Services: ATG provided Sales Cloud support to help bridge an unanticipated resource gap and ensure a sound, well-integrated CLM solution.


  • By reducing the risk for error and creating continuity in the client's documentation process, the legal team was provided a manageable workflow and integration.
  • Consistency and peace of mind was created with newly optimized documentation tracking via SpringCM and a real-time audit trail.
  • To ensure data integrity, ATG created an Order Form template utilizing SpringCM’s documentation tools and enabling Salesforce Opportunity data.
  • ATG also optimized the integration between SpringCM and Salesforce to ensure signature mapping and tracking, and improved version control.
  • Overall, the client’s documentation creation, tracking, and approval processes are now automated and efficient, allowing the client to save time and to focus on the work at-hand.