Enable & Manage Your Rebate Program Easily with Salesforce Rebate Management

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Efficiently Build & Scale Manufacturer Incentive Programs

with Salesforce Rebate Management

Leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a sales tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario.
Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud extends CRM to manage run-rate business throughout its order lifecycle with sales agreements and account-based forecasting.
Salesforce Rebate Management helps manufacturers gain a competitive edge needed by driving incentive program visibility across their ecosystem.

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Key Business Impacts & Outcomes

Eliminate overpayments, decreasing expense
Reduce mistakes, decreasing risk
Improved traceability, increasing ESAT & CSAT


Run rebates easily with Salesforce Rebate Management

Persona details

Andrew Pizzullo
Account Manager at Essential Pharmaceuticals

use case summary

Andrew Pizzullo from Essential Pharmaceuticals prepares a CPQ Quote & Sales Agreement for Capital Distributors who are looking to purchase a large number of Stethoscopes and Drug Z. See how easy it is for Andrew to sign Capital Distributors up for eligible rebates and get a full 360 view into their planned vs actual quantities as well as rebate progress!

Quick Quote

Easily create a quote and add products.


Apply Rebates

Eligible rebates will display based on products selected and eligibility criteria – apply any or all the rebates you want.
Advanced Approvals

Sales Agreement

Leveraging ATG Cognizant’s Salesforce CPQ to Manufacturing Cloud Connector, easily create a Sales Agreement that maintains all quantities and pricing per quarter as defined in the CPQ Quote.
Manufacturing Sales Agreement


Easily submit orders against the Sales Agreement and have a full view into your customers’ planned vs. actual quantities as well as rebate progress.
Manufacturing Sales Agreement

Rebate Payout

Aggregation and Calculation criteria are defined up front making managing rebate processes easier than ever before. At the end of the quarter, we can see the rebate payouts that were generated for each member of the rebate.
Manufacturing Sales Agreement