ATG Expert Services Fine Tune BDG’s CPQ Implementation

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ATG Expert Services Fine Tune BDG’s CPQ Implementation


Black Diamond Group had previously implemented Salesforce CPQ with another implementer but needed to utilize the solution's larger range of functionality.

Industry: Oil & Gas, Mining, Power
Services: Workforce Accommodation, Modular Buildings, Energy Services

Headquarters: Calgary, AB


  • The original price rules configuration from the Salesforce CPQ standard implementation wasn't meeting the business needs of BDG's additional price types.
  • Additional functionality to the Contract Object was required to align to the type of quotes and contracts typical of Black Diamond Group's industry.
  • Appearance and configuration of product availability needed to be driven by a complex set of business rules.


  • Expert Services: ATG customized a basic implementation into a solution that met specific technical product challenges as well as delivered CPQ design and best practices.
  • Expert Services: ATG provided ad-hoc technical assistance during product and pricing configuration as well as insight into moving Quote Object data to the Contract Object.
  • Expert Services: ATG's Expert Services provided user training and best practices to maximize client efficiencies.


  • Optimized product catalog and associated functionality to allow for conditional appearance based on region, quote type, and other business rules. This allowed Black Diamond Group’s sales org to more efficiently produce quotes that met the client’s availability standards.
  • Added additional price rules and relevant notifications that permit BDG to create pricing plans based on criteria that more closely matches their business model.
  • Increased visibility into the various Contract objects and related functionality to increase the breadth of usability and efficiency in the quote to contract phase.organization.
  • Created a comprehensive training and best practices plan to accelerate the client’s time-to-proficiency across many of their primary organizations.


"We needed a combination of training and support. By leveraging ATG’s Production Success Team, we are ensuring what we have configured follows best practices. This support has enabled our team to be more effective with our CPQ."

Karey McClure
Business Process & Project Manager
Black Diamond Group