The most powerful Salesforce productivity tool you'll ever use.

FuseKit® is a cloud-based toolkit that saves you hours on Salesforce configuration, development, deployments, and data migrations.

The most powerful Salesforce tool you'll ever use.

FuseKit™ is a cloud-based toolkit that saves you hours on Salesforce configuration, development, deployments, and data migrations.

We are passionate about productivity.

Here at ATG we implement, customize and train our clients on best practices related to customer relationship management (CRM) software programs and are leaders in cloud computing and SaaS consulting. In addition to delivering top-of-the-line SaaS platform development and deployments, we streamline productivity and optimize interactions with Salesforce via FuseKit®.

Our initial set of FuseKit® customers were our own people - our Implementation Consultants, Developers, Data Migration Specialists, and Deployment teams, typically working on over 100 concurrent projects. FuseKit® has grown from there to be embedded at some of the top technology companies on the planet.

All your orgs in one place.

Most Salesforce tools only allow you to operate on a single org. We found this to be frustrating, so instead we let you set up as many Salesforce orgs as you’d like in FuseKit, and easily switch between them while using the app.

Your Salesforce data at your fingertips.

Getting the data you need out of Salesforce can be a hassle. Our powerful point-and-click query tool will help you retrieve records and metadata, even allowing you to pull data from objects linked through five levels of relationships.

Powerful data loading capabilities.

Upload data to a single object, or upload data for several different objects at once, saving you from manually creating relationships. For example, load all of your Products and PriceBookEntries with a single load and Salesforce will create the relationships for you.

Quickly find differences in your Salesforce orgs.

Instantly gain confidence in your deployments by comparing Objects (including picklist values on fields), Records, Metadata, and Apex code between Salesforce orgs.

Need to see to believe?

Watch our preview demo - we're confident you'll instantly get why FuseKit® is the Salesforce tool you've been waiting for!

The list of great features continues...

  • Deploy External IDs

    This is a list, which styles each “List Item” individually (unlike utilizing a Looper as with some of our other list Elements).
  • Generate Package Files

    Use a point-and-click editor to build a custom Package.xml and download the metadata as a zip file for deployment.
  • Deploy/Retrieve Metadata

    Use a Package.xml file to quickly retrieve zipped metadata from one org and deploy it to another.
  • Bulk Update Records

    Populate a field on many records at once or just force update records in bulk.
  • Create New Fields

    With a few clicks create dozens of new fields and deploy them across multiple objects.
  • Run Rich Reports

    Generate detailed Salesforce object reports. These save hours during data mapping.

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  • Just wanted to shoot you a quick note about FuseKit. Seriously - well done with this. I'm having a hard time even submitting additional feedback because damn near everything was already thought of and built out in the product. It's starting to become an indispensable part of my day; I used to live in Workbench and haven't touched it since I got access to FuseKit."

    - Director of Business Systems at a leading software company

Your data is secure with FuseKit®.

We know your data is precious to you, so we built our entire solution around ensuring that it remains secure.


FuseKit® is only granted the same access permissions as your Salesforce user account.


We never store any of your Salesforce record data on our servers.


FuseKit® is hosted on enterprise-grade servers with Heroku, which is owned by Salesforce.

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