Global HCM Enlists ATG to Replace Legacy System with Salesforce CPQ

case study

Global HCM Enlists ATG to Rip & Replace Legacy Solution with Salesforce CPQ


The client is a global human capital management (HCM) software company.

Industry: Technology
Services: Human Capital Management


  • Sales team experience challenges included delays producing quote due to effort with configuration and with quote approval & legal review. New users had a large learning curve to get new quotes in the system.
  • Ops was challenged by quote quality issues due to lack of guardrails for sales combinations & customizations, and by legal language changes based on customizations not easy to maintain.
  • IT user challenges ranged from frequent change requests from the business to difficulty making quick changes and release cadence extended. Also struggled with having to maintain years of custom code implemented to support business requirements increasing efforts for testing and validation.


  • Ripped & replaced Apttus CPQ and leverage out-of-the-box best practice capability within Salesforce – and deploy Salesforce CPQ.
  • Investigated and identified Apttus customizations and dependencies to allow client admins to automatically remove Apttus in Production, minimizing downtime impact to Sales.
  • Implemented Salesforce CPQ, configured Bundles, and created Product Rules that allow easy-to-use quoting for sales and maintainability for IT admins.
  • Deployed Advanced Approvals and built automation for out-of-office flows and SLA notification events.
  • Provided support for Admin to learn Salesforce CPQ and enable future releases to be handled internally.


  • The client was provided an on-time, on-budget CPQ implementation. Apttus was uninstalled during the CPQ deployment and no longer exists in their instance.
  • Client Admins were able to build out two bundles and some of the product rules and template sections during the build, helping build a foundation of knowledge for their team to be successful.
  • Sales team can now click through to the quote concisely without major effort, and requests automatically routed for Approval.
  • Quote templates are leveraging approved legal language, reducing error, and decreasing quotes that need legal review.