CPQ & Billing – Achieve Synergy with BillingPlatform


CPQ & Billing - Achieve Synergy with BillingPlatform

Making the Billing Handoff Easy for Complex Deal Structures

Leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a sales tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario.
BillingPlatform provides the power needed to automate enterprise-grade revenue lifecycle processes. From subscriptions to sophisticated usage-based pricing models and everything in between, BillingPlatform meets the challenge of modern monetization.

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Key Business Impacts & Outcomes

Increase Revenue
Decrease Expense
Decrease Risk
Increase CSAT
Increase ESAT


Sell how you want, & bill how you want. The power & flexibility of BillingPlatform makes the handoff between CPQ & Billing easy, as it has the tools to not only accept complex deal structures from CPQ, but also enrich that data in the context of billing and revenue recognition.

Persona details

Andrew Pizzullo
Account Manager for SmartBytes

use case summary

Andrew Pizzullo walks us through a handoff from Salesforce CPQ to BillingPlatform. Gain insight into an example quoting scenario involving a software revenue commitment, usage, subscription, and one-time charges and see how BillingPlatform picks up that complex data & bills it.

Salesforce CPQ - Sell How You Want

Leverage the power of Salesforce CPQ to handle your quoting and subscription management.


BillingPlatform - Bill How You Want

Leverage the power of BillingPlatform to facilitate rating of usage, the invoicing of subscriptions, one-time charges, and usage in addition to “true-up” charges to cover the shortfall of any revenue commitments. Then, present the invoice to the customer in a way that is easy to understand the charges.

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