Production Success Team

In a dynamically changing business environment, resource and project needs are rarely statistic or consistent. ATG’s Implementation Support offering provides a contingent workforce solution that helps businesses scale IT and technical support resources to meet a variety of needs in a small amount of time.

A key consideration is that ATG supports projects in a post-implementation, go-live environment by maintaining, supporting, and maximizing the value of Billing, CPQ, and CRM systems in their post-implementation environment.

Here are just a few examples of use cases we’ve employed:

  • Salesforce Quote to Cash ecosystem support
  • Quote to Cash Workflow support
  • Quote to Cash Quality Assurance support
  • Quote to Cash consultant/project augmentation

Case Study: A Contingent Workforce Solution

The Charter: Assist in the development and implementation process by leveraging a team of Quality Assurance Analysts to identify bugs in a code base, recommend solutions to bugs, and assist in the development of best practice guidelines.


Key Benefits

ATG handles the overhead, hiring, onboarding, etc. of teams and resources. The coordination and ‘behind the scenes’ that is typical of scaling a new team of analysts

ATG has you covered. We manage the day-to-day details so you don’t have to. Status reports, project updates, hiring, firing, and other operational responsibilities.

By deploying the Production Success Team you are putting your project in the hands of a team who will nurture your project and systems to drive it toward the ultimate deadline: successful completion.



ATG takes our commitment to our clients seriously. Our professional team will work with you and your company to develop the custom processes, software and integration that your company needs.