Managing the Customer Experience: Excellent article from a trusted source

For a great article on Managing the Customer Experience from a trusted source, check out this Billing & OSS World whitepaper, found here. Preview:


More In Than Out

Service providers are beginning to speak openly about what providing a quality customer experience means to them and how they are going after that model. From the top or from the bottom, the effort must be enterprise-wide.


Elevating the Experience of the Order

It’s the little things that get you when it comes to customer satisfaction. An order for service is no little thing, but it can get you too.

Walking Your Own Customer Experience Path

One of the most significant changes in telecom in many years that does depend directly on the shift to IP or mobile data is the change from being network and service centric to customer centric. An epiphany service providers must come to by themselves.

Customer Pain Is the First Port of Call

Some companies make customer centricity their mission statement. And some companies make a statement out of their customer centricity. TELUS is the latter and SVP Carol Borghesi tells us why.

It Takes Experience to Provide the Right Experience

Even in the high-churn prepay market, important and timely intelligence can be gleaned from the behavior of even the most transient customers. Here’s how Virgin Mobile USA takes advantage.

Second Generation Policy & Charging Reopens the World of Opportunity

It may be melodramatic to say mobile operators must seize the mantle of Steve Jobs, but it also would be true. His mantle was innovation and simplicity. It also was to be first. And the challenge for operators in this new year and beyond is to be first. Time-to-market has become the new battle cry.

Afterthoughts on CEM

One little crack in your foundation of customer centricity and both customers and employees will question your commitment. And competitors will pounce on it. So either commit or don’t bother.