Manufacturer Adds Warranty and Rebate Hub for Contractors

case study

Manufacturer Adds Warranty & Rebate Hub for Contractors


The client is a manufacturer of residential and commercial building materials.

Industry: Manufacturer
Services: Building Materials


  • Design and implement a warranty purchasing and rebate enrollment/management solution that will live on one centralized contractor hub.
  • Modify B2B Commerce process (including PDP, Cart, Checkout and Order Confirmation) to allow for custom warranty registration.
  • Build platform to support multiple User types and levels.
  • Replace previously manual rebate management solution (Excel) with automated Salesforce App.
  • Reduce rebate processing time / backlog by synchronizing and automating processes (legacy process added three rebates/day to the backlog of 4500+).


  • Salesforce Clouds deployed include Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud & B2B Commerce.
  • Created single Contractor Hub on Experience Cloud to allow for centralized experience, and multiple reports & dashboards for high-level snapshot of current account metrics.
  • Created custom Cart & Order History pages to display registered warranty info.
  • Modified checkout flow to remove tax, shipping & inventory integrations.
  • Integrated with Stripe for B2B Commerce payment gateway.
  • Utilized flows to automatically assign correct product entitlements based on an Account’s tier level.
  • Designed and implemented custom rebate app/data model.
  • Developed custom application/enrollment process to allow contractors to enroll in their desired tier level.
  • Created easy-to-maintain custom notifications to alert contractors of rebate, warranty & application updates.


  • State-of-the-art portal where contractors can register warranties, manage their rebates & access additional tools & discounts all through one enhanced digital experience.
  • Additional revenue stream created through new warranty offerings.
  • Increased sales of client products amongst contractors by increasing brand loyalty.
  • Seamless experience for warranty & rebate solution with fresh new branding.
  • Improved rebate handling efficiency by automating data collection & allowing departments to collaborate on a single unified platform.
  • Easier communication with contractors via custom notifications.