Onboarding Bonanza: What We Teach in Our New Hire Enablement Training

ATG New Hire Enablement Onboarding Training

Onboarding Bonanza: What We Teach in Our New Hire Enablement Training

Action News Team
ATG News
Sep 28, 2017

At ATG, we want to ensure that all our employees can hit the ground running; that’s why we have developed and are continually refining our New Hire Enablement Training, where our newest employees gather to learn the basics of what we do. Our first official class took place in January of 2017, and since then we have hosted four more. Keep reading below to find out what we find most important to teach our newest employees in training.

History and Structure of ATG

What’s the story of ATG? Who is our main leadership? Where are we located? Not only does this information let people know a little bit about their company, it makes it easier to communicate and understand who might be working closely together.

Employee Lifecycle

We have many steps at ATG to help old and new employees learn and grow at a quick pace. From recruitment of employees all the way to the transition to alumni status, we have outlined several steps that help ensure employees growth and a positive relationship with us.

Projects, Teams, and Methodologies

This is where we start to get to the heart of ATG and how we do our thing. Here, we discuss the different solutions we provide (Advisory, Implementation, and Managed), define the roles played by each person on a project, and outline how we successfully complete the project.

Salesforce at ATG

Because of our close relationship with Salesforce and our frequent implementation of Salesforce solutions, this is a crucial part of our training process. We emphasize that learning CPQ will help employees learn Salesforce – and vice versa.

ATG Monetization Ecosystem

The ATG Monetization Ecosystem™ is our crucial tool to finding and implementing solutions for clients. It outlines the different categories of the Quote to Cash space and defines how People, Process, and Technology affect each one.
Over the course of one week, we go through these subjects in a classroom environment, which allows for open discussion and the opportunity to ask questions. Through this training, which we are always improving, we strive to provide a foundation of success for every ATG employee.