Outsource? Rural-source? What about ‘Right-source’?

For our clients, customer service, user support, software development and many other critical functions utilize outsourcing in India, Ukraine, Mexico, Argentina, China, and other areas. There are innovative business models and talented resources all over the globe. Should your testing be outsourced to India or the corn fields of Iowa?

At ATG, we take a different approach.

We believe that our clients have lots of capability within their own staff. There are times when our clients will need external help with a critical project. At ATG, we try and maximize value to our clients by leveraging their existing people and systems as much as possible! We provide skilled resources that provide the right expertise at the right time, in just the right amount to work with your team to deliver results. We call it ‘right-sourcing’. We bring just the right amount of capability to help you and your teams succeed.