Peter Coffee on Emerging Trends in Quote to Cash

Peter Coffee on Emerging Trends in Quote to Cash

Jay Allen
Jan 29, 2019

I you’re looking to stay on the cutting edge of cloud-based technologies and how they impact Customer Experience, then Peter Coffee is your source.

As the VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce and a thought leader in emerging trends in Technology and how it impacts the Customer Experience, Coffee has seen the company through continuing evolutions and has been consistently ahead of the curve in how new technologies will affect customer interactions – for better or worse.

ATG had the opportunity to listen to his insights on the ever-changing Quote to Cash space. Take a look below to find some of the key points in this informative session.


Customer Experience in Quote to Cash

Whether it’s to ask a question or inquire a service, potential customers want useful responses more quickly than ever. One of Coffee’s key talking points was the qualities needed to bring in and maintain customers. These included both technological and human factors, such as:

Efficient AI

To many, Artificial Intelligence (AI) still seems like a thing of the future – but we are already seeing it all around us. In fact, more and more companies are successfully implementing AI to drastically improve efficiency. With every customer interaction that takes place, an intelligent CRM system can collect relevant information, identify trends, and make suggestions and decisions. “Not using AI is like wearing cement shoes in the race for productivity,” Coffee says.

Intelligent Apps

Search engines have developed over the years to serve an entirely new purpose: instead of looking for specific brands, users turn to search results to answer questions.

But app developers for companies don’t want to simply answer a question and turn a customer loose. “Your app needs to solve problems and have prolonged use,” Coffee states. “If your app only has one use, you get a customer and then you give them up.”

Core Values and Employee Roles

Although efficiency in automation and AI are imperative, there are still people working on the other end of the screen – and a successful work culture is necessary for a company to succeed.

Salesforce values a collaborative work environment because “people do their best work so as not to let down the team.” This means that positive reinforcement from a supervisor and validation from peers will directly translate into a better experience for a customer.

In addition, Coffee attributes a great deal of success to the diversity of thought and the methodologies used in their work. While all of this happens outside the realm of customer interaction, the behind-the-scenes workings are crucial to the final product that the customer sees.

Customer Experience in Quote to Cash

Technology and customer expectations are changing constantly, which can make the Quote to Cash realm seem chaotic. But as Coffee states, “The word ‘chaos’ is always used in a negative sense. Chaos is a creative medium.” To him, it is an opportunity to grow, change, and innovate.

As the world of Quote to Cash continues to evolve, forward-thinking companies will have an advantage. The ATG Quote to Cast Summit will feature insights from some of the sharpest minds in Q2C today, so be sure to register today if you haven’t already. The summit will take place July 14-16 in Missoula, MT.


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