Proven ARFP Methodology Helps Client Select Best Fit CPQ & Billing Solutions

case study

Proven ARFP Methodology Helps Client Select the Best Fit CPQ & Billing Solutions


The client needed to change their business model, moving away from perpetual licenses to subscription-based. They needed help finding the right fit for their business for both a CPQ and a billing solution.

Industry: Software
Services: Analytics/BI


  • The client changed their selling model, moving away from perpetual licenses to a subscription model and wanted to explore how an investment in a SaaS quoting tool would benefit them.
  • The client had surpassed the limitations of their home-grown quoting tool and needed a solution to streamline their selling process for both their internal sales and partner teams.
  • The client was open to a new subscription billing platform but had made a large investment in their current quoting tool. Streamlining the selling process was their top objective.
  • The client needed guidance to find the right solution to their unique needs.


  • Advisory Services: ATG guided the client through the billing and monetization drivers to uncover pain points and drive future state conversations.
  • Advisory Services: ATG helped the client navigate the vendor selection process by highlighting the differences and relating it back to the best functional, technical, intangible, and commercial fit for the client.
  • Advisory Services: Following ATG’s ARFP methodologies, the differences between vendors which at first seemed minuscule and daunting to find, became clearer as ATG’s tools scored the various vendors to find the best fit for the client’s needs and wants.


  • Helped identify and prioritize the best CPQ solutions to enhance the client’s business process in the following areas: ease of sales team usability, robust product catalog functionality capable of omni-channel selling and customer engagement and, the ability to integrate with external systems.
  • Developed a force-ranking of both CPQ and billing vendors, which allowed the client to identify the right solution for their future.
  • Provided guidance and rationale on a phased approach of implementing a CPQ solution and then a billing solution versus a big-bang approach of implementing everything at once.