ATG Quote to Cash Acumen Delivers Alignment, Vision

case study

ATG Quote to Cash Acumen Delivers Alignment, Vision


ATG’s deep understanding of Quote to Cash leads to simplified solutions and support for progressive growth.

Industry: Data Governance Software


  • Due to multiple acquisitions over time, the client’s systems and processes became complex, making their business complex and not supportive of aggressive growth goals.
  • Utilizing three different quoting solutions was creating inconsistencies, causing issues in data integrity and efficiency within the quoting process.
  • Multiple variations in systems, business processes and products, were interfering with the sales team’s ability to access the correct information and deliver consistent, accurate quotes.
  • The client needed one consistent tool to manage all solutions and processes to meet business goals.


  • Advisory Services: ATG engaged in company-wide conversations and immediately identified opportunities for improvement.
  • Advisory Services: ATG provided a future state recommendation that would help alleviate pains through a single platform solution.
  • Advisory Services: Consolidated options and aligned tools which gave the client a clear path in deciding their next steps.
  • Advisory Services: The client is now able to leverage a quoting solution that delivers a streamlined end-to-end process by introducing guardrails and control over a standard set of business rules, which supports overall growth.


  • Identified a business solution aligned with the goal of utilizing a single platform that supports an emerging subscription-based selling model and adapts to the changing industry.
  • Assisted with the development of a roadmap to provide clear direction for implementing a recommended solution that could be enhanced with ATG’s Atlas Framework methodology and tools.
  • Recommended a pilot program followed by subsequent phases that move existing services onto the established platform with the following benefits:
    • Limits risk of initial deployment and provides a chance to resolve issues while impact is small.
    • Provided the client with the tools, evidence, and assurance needed to make an educated decision on an integrated CPQ and Billing solution.


"We selected ATG because, frankly, this is what they do. They have a deep understanding of the Quote to Cash space and have worked with many customers - to get an understanding of who they are, what they need, and how to move forward."

Client Spokesperson