Quote 2 Cast Sessions


2020 Session Roundup

At the 2020 ATG Quote 2 Cast Summit, we dove into The Future of Quote to Cash. We’ll explore the impact of new technologies on our industry, with key input from Partners, Clients, and Subject Matter Experts. In the words of Peter Coffee, “2025 got here 60 months early.”

Here's a summary of each day's topic and individual sessions.


The Future of Quote to Cash

Join Strategists from Salesforce, DocuSign, and ATG as we explore new technologies that are impacting Quote to Cash including an introduction to ATG's new Monetization Ecosystem 3.0!

"In almost every conversation during our shared pandemic journey, the second question after "How are you doing?" involves some part of the Monetization Ecosystem: an issue concerning supply chain, cash flow, or (increasingly) a need to pivot from being on "pause" to establishing a COVID-19-compatible model for getting things done.

"I'm privileged to have the chance to keynote this year's re-imagined event, at which things that used to be two-year visions must now be reframed as two-month transformations. Let's learn together."

- Peter Coffee, VP of Strategic Research at Salesforce

Tom Stergios, Jorge Watson, and Taylor McDermott dive into recent and upcoming changes to ATG's Monetization Ecosystem™ focusing on the maintenance of customer experience domains, including a few that are ripe for technology advancement.

Tom is ATG's SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development, while Taylor is an important part of the company's research and strategy team and a bit of a wunderkind. Jorge, an aged-out prodigy, is now VP of Solution Engineering for ATG./p>

Buckle up folks, this will be a 30-minute Tilt-A-Whirl ride you'll never forget.

Featuring DocuSign's SVP of Agreement Cloud Strategy Jim Wagner.

Introducing Revenue Blueprint

Marketing Automation, CPQ, CLM, Billing, and Commerce form the backbone of dynamic omnichannel selling and customer engagement. Join Salesforce product leaders and ATG, Lev, and Cognizant architects as we explore innovations from Campaign to Cash.

The future of business will demand that customer experience be a connected and seamless process – from the first engagement, through various transactions and purchases, to fully developed business relationships and customer advocacy.

Join us as Salesforce leadership from Marketing, Commerce, and CPQ/Billing come together to provide insight and perspectives on the emerging trends of connected experiences in everyday modern enterprises.

Introducing Revenue Blueprint – A connected perspective on what it takes to optimize experiences for customer engagement and recurring relationships for the modern business. From Campaign to Cash, ATG and Lev leaders will explore how to create seamless and engaging interactions for customers, partners, and employees.

Revenue Blueprint will power disruption, innovation, market edge, and increase the human element in business transactions. Learn more about how our unparalleled perspective, unique approach, and innovative accelerators can bring customer engagement and revenue management to life.


The Future of Work: From Chaos to Catalyst

The world turned upside down in the blink of an eye. These sessions will focus on the future of work, and how to safely reopen, and thrive in our new (ab)Normal.

Join two visionary titans of industry as they share their views on surviving and thriving in our unprecedented, new reality. Peter and Paul are each leading pandemic response efforts at Fortune 200 companies and are collaborating on innovative methods, software, and devices that all companies can leverage.

2020 can't keep up this terrible pace, can it? There is light at the end of the tunnel. In this session we will explore ATG's initial phase of our Return to Office (RTO) Trial, leveraging Work.com and explore innovative collaboration between Salesforce, ATG Cognizant, and the University of Montana to acquire and develop talented Salesforce Consultants.