Revenue Cloud Implementation Nets Process Improvements, Boosts Sales & Revenue Management

case study

Revenue Cloud Implementation Nets Process Improvements, Boosts Sales & Revenue Management


The client is an American software, managed and professional services, consulting and technology company that also makes self-service kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, automated teller machines, check processing systems, and barcode scanners. 

Industry: Technology
Services: Software & Consulting


  • The client’s sales teams used various unintegrated quoting & CRM tools including three different systems to complete a quote and six additional forms or spreadsheets.
  • The process required three different applications for credit checks and used four non-integrated contracts requiring customer signature. Their original process also leveraged four different pricing processes.
  • The client's Salesforce environment was very complex as code utilized 98% of threshold and custom fields 96% of threshold.
  • Client required a static monthly price be used to quote deals (i.e., $9.99/mo.), a functionality that was not available OOTB with Salesforce CPQ.


  • Implemented Salesforce Revenue Cloud for one of the client's SMB group suites by utilizing our Atlas Framework®. ATG provided a CPQ Health Check to address several housekeeping items prior to the build.
  • ATG Cognizant continued to collaborate with the client on accelerating benefits to the business through regular releases while running additional implementation phases in parallel.
  • Team also delivered Billing train-the-trainer sessions to facilitate the enablement of Billing & Dispute analysts working across India, Europe, and North America.


  • Successful CPQ go-live followed up with a successful Billing go live within eight months. By the time Salesforce Billing was deployed, CPQ had reached 100% local office sales adoption and 91% of all quotes were being submitted through CPQ.
  • CPQ solution delivered functionality that allowed a single quote for all SMB suite offer components, integrated with Opportunity Management (single site) for local office and selling channels.
  • The holistic CPQ solution incorporated payment processing on the quote and initiated payments onboarding process accordingly.
  • ATG leveraged new CLM tool/capability for digital contracting as well as providing basic subscription metrics reporting and the ability to take merchant payment (CC/ACH).