Salesforce B2B Commerce Implementation Consolidates Revenue Channels

case study

Salesforce B2B Commerce Implementation Consolidates Revenue Channels


The client is a reseller of a large inventory (over 250K unique SKUs) of electronics and media equipment to government, corporate and educational institutions.

Industry: Retail/Wholesale
Services: Electronics & Media


  • The client wanted to update an online revenue channel for public and commercial sales that matched the capabilities and user experience of their B2C channel.
  • The client also wanted to work in Agile mode, implementing and integrating with enterprise apps and 3rd party suppliers while ensuring that all branding guidelines map to current online presence.


  • Provide Commerce team with Salesforce B2B expertise Implement commerce solution in Agile, aligning to project timelines
  • Designed and built pricing tables for each customer segment
  • Use Community and Commerce Clouds, and integration with AS400 and 3rd-party middleware
  • Developed accelerators as needed to extend the application
  • Worked in collaboration with Salesforce Product Engineering to accommodate the complex pricing structure


  • Implementation Services: Developed on Cloud with integrations to on-premise and external 3rd parties
  • Implementation Services: Integrated Commerce with AS400 using 3rd party integration tool
  • Implementation Services: Provided a new customer experience similar to the B2C website


  • Provided the ability to drive increased revenue through a modernized B2B channel
  • Replaced poorly performing legacy B2B site with fresher, more relevant features
  • Freed up CSR resources through saving the Shopping Cart and “Get a Quote" option
  • Achieved the enterprise goal of consolidating channels on the Salesforce platform