Salesforce Billing Implementation Forges Single Order-to-Invoice System

case study

ATG Salesforce Billing Implementation Forges Single Order-to-Invoice System


The client is an American monitoring service for cloud-scale applications, providing monitoring of servers, databases, tools, and services, through a SaaS-based data analytics platform.

Industry: Technology - Software As A Service
Services: Cloud Monitoring


  • The client engaged ATG to perform a billing vendor assessment that resulted in a recommendation for implementing Salesforce Billing.
  • Their business required a billing solution that addressed specific challenges to taking the company public.
  • The client needed a solution that replaced Google spreadsheets and streamlined the invoicing process by reducing the time between invoice generation and payment collection.
  • They also needed a solution that could support usage billing and quick introductions of new product and pricing strategies.
  • The selected billing solution needed to integrate seamlessly with their existing Salesforce CPQ solution.


  • ATG implemented Salesforce Billing to create a single system for order to invoice processes including order management, invoice generation, invoice presentation, and usage charge processing.
  • Salesforce Billing was integrated with NetSuite to support revenue recognition and financial reporting.
  • Custom Apex was developed to enable M2M and pay-as-you-go deals to automatically renew contracts.
  • The custom process goes through quoting, ordering, and contracting within Salesforce without any Datadog user interaction.
  • Conga and Invoice Grouping was implemented to enable invoice presentation and invoice grouping according to child org and product line.
  • Process automation was implemented to control order provisioning and invoicing events.
  • CPQ Contracts were enabled to allow sales reps to easily access complete invoicing history during contract renewal negotiations.


  • Successful go-live and global rollout of Salesforce Billing within a 6-month period.
  • Utilized existing CPQ solution to create a seamless customer experience from Quote to Cash on a single platform.
  • Increased visibility and enhanced communication to customers regarding billing including alerts when new product usage is identified.
  • Created a better user experience with a 360-degree of what the customer purchased, what they owe, and to what they are entitled.
  • Accelerated speed to payment by streamlining invoice generation and delivery.
  • Added ability to invoice for complex usage rating scenarios utilizing pre-rated usage.
  • Garnered a greater focus on higher-value business initiatives due to reducing the time it takes to process monthly close.