Salesforce CPQ & Billing Implementations Improve, Speed Processes

case study

Salesforce CPQ & Billing Implementation Improves, Speeds Processes


The Client was transforming their back office and needed a Salesforce CPQ and Billing implementation as well as a product lifecycle management process. 

Industry: Software
Services: Enterprise Data Management


  • The client went from public to private and underwent a change of technology from Apttus to Salesforce. After this, they realized the need for subscription model to compete more effectively with a 6-month go-live target for CPQ & Billing releases.
  • Previously, the client’s sales reps were not able to provide quotes by themselves and this needed to change to enable a self-service quoting experience, allowing them to improve the speed of the sales cycle and deploy their field sales team for quoting.


  • Implementation Services: ATG offered product catalog training to enable the client’s product support team and offers continued support.
  • Implementation Services: ATG leveraged its consultants’ extensive knowledge of Salesforce CPQ & Billing.
  • Implementation Services: ATG provided the client with a defined architecture of their products in CPQ, that they could use moving forward when introducing new products.


  • Successfully implemented Salesforce CPQ & Billing. 
  • Documented and implemented a product lifecycle management process. 
  • Created and represented products in a hierarchal structure for the client’s product catalog and added a strong product structure in Salesforce CPQ, which allowed them to configure, sell, and maintain products more effectively.
  • Improved the adoption rate for sales reps. Products were easier to find, and redundant products and processes were greatly reduced.
  • Improved sales enablement and ensured the sales reps were able to provide quotes directly to customers. This drastically sped up quoting time.
  • Enabled sales reps to be able to “self-service” when adding bundles to a quote, something that would have required interaction from another part of the sales team.
    • Underwent SKU consolidation and significantly reduced the number of SKUs.
    • Enabled all cloud-based products to be subscriptions and bought them over to CPQ.


“ATG was instrumental in our subscription transformation during this project. They brought great expertise, collaboration and professionalism to the engagement. We have really enjoyed working with them and hope to continue doing so for future projects.”

- Client Stakeholder