Salesforce CPQ & Communities Implementations Automate Ad Creation

case study

Salesforce CPQ & Communities Automate Ad Campaign Creation

Industry: Entertainment
Services: Content Streaming


The client is an entertainment content streaming service that needed to automate large-volume advertising campaign creation.


  • The client’s advertisers and ad agency customers request a large volume of low-revenue ad campaigns on a regular basis, and the process for building a campaign in Salesforce and the related systems necessary to support a campaign was a highly manual process that slowed down sales cycles and was prone to error.
  • The bulk of the campaign configuration fell to the client’s services team that had minimal capacity to handle the amount of deals that needed to be built in the system.


  • Implementation Services: ATG and the client enabled a native integration between Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Communities to “automate the seller” and allow advertisers and ad agencies to build their own campaigns within Salesforce.
  • Implementation Services: Using a framework and model developed by ATG specifically for advertising companies, the client and ATG worked in tandem to provide an easy-to-use interface to simplify the complex process of campaign targeting and analysis.
  • Implementation Services: A framework of automated calculations developed by both the client and ATG allowed customers to see in real-time before purchase the effectiveness of their campaigns based on the selected demographic and geographic factors.
  • Advisory Services: ATG supplied expertise surrounding CPQ and helped client resources develop a customized network of VisualForce pages that provided a seamless, logical and accurate flow from quote to order for customers to move through the system.


  • Campaign creation was successfully automated and deployed leveraging the CPQ and Communities integration along with the custom frameworks built by the client and ATG.
  • Advertisers and ad agencies now configure their own campaigns that bring revenue into the client without the need for manual processing by Sales and Client Services resources.
  • The client services and sales teams have the ability to prioritize their time toward campaigns which require higher levels of engagement and communication between businesses.


"Working with ATG was a collaborative effort that set us up for success and self-sufficiency. Their expertise laid the foundation for an effective implementation that helped streamline a challenging aspect of our business."

- Client Stakeholder