Salesforce CPQ Implementation & Integrations Move Tech Company to Value-Based Selling Model

case study

Salesforce CPQ Implementation & Integrations Move Tech Company to Value-Based Selling Model


The client is an American producer of computer memory and computer data storage including dynamic random-access memory, flash memory, and USB flash drives. 

Industry: Technology
Services: Semiconductors & Memory


The client needed to overcome revenue leakage due to its cost-based selling model. They employed multiple quoting processes and systems, causing sales inefficiencies, quoting inconsistencies, and a poor sales user experience. Their legacy systems included:

  • Price Driver (Apttus and other custom-built solutions and integrations within SFDC)
  • Direct Quote (Custom Quoting system built within SFDC)

These factors contributed heavily to a lack of rigor in how products were priced and sold to customers.


  • Implementation Services: Using the ATG Atlas Framework™️, implemented Salesforce CPQ with Advanced Approvals and Advanced Approvals Enablement package.
  • Implementation Services: Utilized Dell Boomi to build:
    • Integration between Salesforce CPQ and SAP Order Management
    • Integration between Salesforce CPQ and RPM (the client’s data science platform to feed pricing guidance to CPQ)
    • Integration between Salesforce CPQ and Microsoft Azure
  • Implementation Services: Also implemented the following:
    • Quote Calculator Plugin (QCP)
    • Custom Account Management tool for quote creation
    • Custom Quote Helper tool for guided quoting and sales processes
    • Microsoft Azure


  • Optimized Quote Management System - field sales creating and delivering approved quotes to direct customers from a single quote management system.
  • Reduced Approval Cycle Time - each business unit can easily review, adjust, approve, and track quotes resulting in reduced approval cycle time.
  • Streamlined Order Management System - orders are processed in reference to quote terms and conditions.
  • Improved Business Performance Reporting - cross-organizational teams can drive and influence improved business performance due to a data-driven process.
  • Transitioned the client from a cost-based selling model to a value-based selling model to improve sales and revenue.
  • Implemented Salesforce CPQ as the single quoting tool to make the sale and quoting experience more consistent for sales users.
  • Built a custom quote creation and guided selling tool to make the quote creation and delivery process more efficient and reduce the number of clicks for sales users.
  • Integrated Salesforce CPQ with the client’s custom-pricing guidance tool to allow sales users to make data-driven pricing decisions.
  • Integrated Salesforce CPQ with SAP order management to streamline the sharing of quoting data for order management purposes. 
  • Integrated Salesforce CPQ with Microsoft Azure to ensure only authenticated users were able to access sensitive pricing data.
  • Implemented Salesforce Advanced Approvals and custom approval to enforce pricing guidance principals and reduce revenue leakage.