Salesforce CPQ Implementation Yields Visibility, Consistency to Sales Process

case study

Salesforce CPQ Implementation Yields Visibility, Consistency to Sales Process


The client wanted more visibility into their quoting and selling processes by making communication between prospects and sales teams more seamless. Creating a single source of truth for all product, pricing, and customer data was a priority.

Industry: Software
Services: Remote Access


  • The client utilized multiple systems to track customer contract and subscription information and needed to consolidate to a single source.
  • The client's team had a lack of visibility into the sales process. The majority of communication and negotiation with customers was done via emails.
  • Product pricing was non-standardized between customers.
  • All of the above resulted in long, inconsistent sales cycles.


  • Implementation Services: ATG implemented Salesforce CPQ, Advanced Approvals, and DocuSign.


  • Established a single source-of-truth for customer contract and install base information (360-degree view of the customer in SFDC)
  • Organized and defined the Product Catalog.
  • Created consistent pricing across all customers
    • Introduced Uplift pricing on renewals
    • Introduced volume discounting
  • Increased control and visibility during the selling process through the use of complex selling rules and approvals
  • Created clear customer entitlements definition and delivery.
  • Automated customer e-signatures through the use of DocuSign