Salesforce Experience Cloud Enhances Manufacturing Partner Engagement

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Salesforce Experience Cloud Enhances Manufacturing Partner Engagement

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Leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Experience Cloud enables you to build beautifully-branded “digital experiences” that are connected to your CRM with a key focus on engaging customers and empowering partners.
Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is a platform that helps you manage your entire book-of-business and customer service lifecycle, while increasing collaboration and transparency between sales, operations, and partners.
Salesforce Rebate Management gives businesses complete control on their rebate's lifecycle to reward their partners when their partners meet an agreed-upon sales target and nurture deeper relationships with them.

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Key Business Impacts & Outcomes

Partners can self-serve, increasing CSAT and ESAT
Sales teams can focus on new business, increasing revenue
Support teams spend less time with partners, decreasing expense


Enhance your partner experience – implement Salesforce Experience Cloud to give your partners a 360-degree view into their Sales Agreements, Rebates & Payouts, and allow them to place orders on their own.

Persona details

Pete Purchaser
Parts buyer for Capital Distributors

use case summary

Pete Purchaser, the parts purchaser for Capital Distributors logs into the partner portal provided by Badger Parts. Pete is able to see any featured items from Badger parts, review Sales Agreements, place and view orders, as well as sign up for and view rebate programs. By enabling partners to self-serve, they can quickly take action and get the info they need while your teams can focus on new business.

View Sales Agreements

View your sales agreements and planned quantities


Place Orders

Easily generate orders with just a few clicks
Advanced Approvals

Rebate Sign Up

Quickly sign up for rebates
Manufacturing Sales Agreement

Review Rebate Programs

Access rebate program information
Manufacturing Sales Agreement