Salesforce, ATG Cognizant Team to Create Billing Superbadge

Salesforce, ATG Cognizant Team to Create Billing Superbadge

Jay Allen
ATG News
SEP 24, 2019

Sometimes, it’s both who you know AND what you know.

Such was the case with the recent release of the Salesforce® Billing Specialist Superbadge on Trailhead, a joint effort between the cloud business solution leader and trusted Quote to Cash implementation partner, ATG.

“This is a huge accomplishment for the Salesforce and ATG teams that have been working on this endeavor since February 2019,” said Sonia Flamm, ATG’s Salesforce Billing Practice Lead. “Both teams are extremely proud of what we created and are excited to share with the world our knowledge in Salesforce Billing.”

Here’s the story.

Salesforce Trailhead provides developers and administrators a guided learning path through the key features of Salesforce, using a set of interactive, online tutorials. Trailhead engaged ATG in late 2018 to help create the Billing Specialist Superbadge, which is now the first of its kind for the CPQ and Billing products. Salesforce will use the Superbadge as a key evaluation of Billing partner practices and to determine consultant knowledge.


“The primary difference between the bevy of other badges available through Trailhead and a Superbadge like this is that a Superbadge is a skill-based, domain-level credential and the closest thing you can get to real-world experience on Trailhead,” according to Flamm.

“You earn a Superbadge by applying your existing knowledge in tackling a series of hands-on challenges that test your Salesforce expertise in a given subject. Simply said, Superbadges prove what you can do.”

Flamm noted that ATG Cognizant currently has nearly 30 consultants that have earned their Salesforce Billing Specialist Superbadge and she expects dozens more to follow.

It’s not just ATG employees that are excited about the opportunity show off their billing chops.

Jennifer Larco, an IT application solution consultant at Kronos, wrote after earning her Superbadge, “Truly impressive work on building something that can validate a Quote to Cash implementation, not just Billing. Great job!”

But the Billing Superbadge alone does not make an expert billing consultant, ATG Cognizant SVP Tom Stergios cautioned. “ATG leverages the Billing Superbadge as one component of our consultant skills development plan. The Billing Superbadge, coupled with our industry leading Quote to Cash domain training program, and our Atlas Development Framework, allows our consultants to provide the highest possible quality for Salesforce Billing projects.”

Subject-matter experts from Salesforce and ATG will continue to team together on another Superbadge to be released soon.

Flamm lauded ATG’s billing experts – Elena Merrill, Dan Hansen, Zeke Baied, Stuart Clemow, Asia Caluori, and Mitch Colyer - for their contributions to the project, as well as a stellar Salesforce team that included Matheus Goncalves, Jennifer Downs, Julie Workman, and Brian Cloutier.

“On behalf of the entire project team, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all, for your continued support & encouragement throughout!” Flamm concluded.


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