Quote to Cash Assessments & Strategy

Managing Quote to Cash effectively is critical to running your business effectively. Acquiring new customers, maintaining and up-selling existing customers, and providing sound customer care are essential to every service provider.
Optimizing Q2C processes used to be an exercise in expense reduction. Today, these core processes are the key to enabling and accelerating revenue growth, allowing rapid introduction of new products and services, creating dynamic marketing strategies and efficiently managing acquisitions. All of which accumulates into the necessary ability to remain competitive in today’s increasingly dynamic markets. Agility in the Q2C environment allows service providers to be responsive to the ever changing needs of the marketplace.

General Assessment Approach

Ensuring architectural alignment with business objectives is a central challenge for every CIO. The continuing evolution of enterprise architecture and the rapid emergence of the cloud are forcing many of our clients to take a fresh look at their architecture and technology road maps.

The eras of ‘best of breed’ and ‘end-to-end suites’ have each had their day in the sun in the world of enterprise architecture. Today, we find that our clients are faced with managing aging legacy applications, blended with aging packaged software solutions, sprinkled with newer on-premise and cloud-based packaged solutions.

With all eyes on ‘doing more with less’ and taking advantage of the cloud, CIOs must also ensure that their architectures are bulletproof with respect to security and business continuity. They must have the appropriate business and technical agility to respond to change.

ATG is your advocate.

We bring decades of experience to help you make the right choices in your Q2C environment. As expert practitioners and architects in this space, we will help you evaluate your current environment, identify key challenges and present a short- and long-term roadmap that builds a strategic vision for Quote to Cash, which is tactically deployed to ensure rapid results.

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