M&A Due Diligence

Do you need independent expertise evaluating the system impact of a potential merger or acquisition on your Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) and connected financial solutions?

Our unbiased experts dig deep to understand the underlying architecture of your existing and future systems to create solutions that works seamlessly together.

Before a merger begins, our high-level feasibility analysis assesses the systems currently in place and offers recommendations to ensure potential acquisitions never interfere with timely, accurate Q2C processes and financial reporting systems.

Continuing throughout the acquisition process, our team of implementation experts pull from their extensive experience in enterprise Q2C systems to evaluate your entire Q2C system architecture--following the dollar from lead acquisition to billing payments to revenue recognition. We evaluate scalability, configurability, and potential system limits.

If any risks are identified, we partner with you to evaluate what solutions are available and how best to implement them.

The unique perspective of ATG comes from years of experiences achieving operational success with clients from complex telecommunication giants to the latest IoT monetization innovators. Our extensive Q2C experience gives us a thorough understanding of not only the current Q2C strategies, but also the trends driving Q2C innovation. Ensure your operational enterprise investments are successful and future-proof by partnering with our solutions experts.

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