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ATG is a trusted resource for clients, M&A investors, and the technology community at large. Our long history and telecom heritage give us a unique perspective on managing customers and revenue in subscription and usage-based environments.

The experts on our team constantly work with clients to evaluate every Quote to Cash solution on the market. Our consistent vigilance in this space ensures we know which vendors are responding to new standards and how quickly. Rather than being limited to a single vendor’s perspective of potential solutions, we provide straightforward insights based on continuously ongoing assessments of a wide variety of Q2C solutions.

Every vendor has a team tasked to find a solution for clients entirely within their own ecosystem. However, complex businesses are creating dynamic monetization strategies that don’t always fit into existing toolsets.


At ATG, we have worked on enterprise scale Q2C implementations with clients across a wide variety of industries involving numerous third-party vendors and teams. We help clients and investors navigate the technology vendor partner landscape and craft strategies that scale for growth.

Our extensive experience working within the Q2C market landscape gives ATG a uniquely powerful perspective about the latest trends driving Q2C technology and strategies. As financial reporting standards shift to accommodate new business models, including subscription billing models, usage-based environments, and dynamic monetization of micro-transactions, the global quote Q2C market is shifting as well. Our historical insights give us a clear perspective on the financial trends that will continue to drive Q2C strategy now and into the future.

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