Best Practices

ATG helps software and solutions vendors with best practices to determine the ideal scope of their development roadmaps. We use our years of industry expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls of scoping solutions development and leverage industry best practices for developing tools and providing services for your clients. We can assist teams of all sizes and experience levels by providing insights into the latest market trends affecting monetization, Quote to Cash, and billing solutions.

We assist solution providers with expertise and best practices in each of the following areas:


Let our team of experts help your professional services leaders incorporate industry-proven best practices. Ensure your clients benefit from prompt, accurate services from your team of expert professionals using the latest methods and tools. Our experts have proven methods your services can use to make sure clients are getting the support they need to start strong and grow quickly.


Do you have customer requested enhancements that are difficult to scope in the complex monetization ecosystem of today’s modern service providers? Do you have features or functionality you need to build so your solution can address new strategic markets? Being able to accurately determine which requirements are most critical to launching new functionality without breaking other processes is key to acquiring new customers and keeping existing customers.


Scaling solution development is impossible if without the strategic use of automation tools. Using the right tool for the job is critical to providing the best possible service in the quickest possible time, and providing it consistently over time. Automation tools reduce errors and increase the velocity of implementations. We help you evaluate not only internal tools for your own teams, but also tools which enable your clients’ teams to have more control without needing customer solution engineering. Whether you are developing tools for automation, data conversion, or client self-provisioning, our experts at ATG helps your team identify and build the best tools to help you serve your clients better.


In complex implementations, achieving an error-free rollout is the top priority for everyone involved. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect and mistakes happen, but identifying costly errors quickly, before they impact live client data can make or break a solution provider. We help our clients anticipate the unexpected with thorough quality assurance (QA) best practices. By bringing the best QA practices into your professional services process, you will ensure you provide the most robust solution for your clients.


Our data conversion best practices ensure clients data integrity while speeding conversions and minimizing impact to ongoing operations. We can help you consolidate and simplify digital data across multiple, disparate platforms across the globe. Our expertise in converting complex, silo'd systems into simple, consolidated data can be leveraged for the data conversion needs of your clients.


ATG’s Application Support Service offering provides a contingent workforce solution that helps solution providers scale IT and technical support resources to meet a variety of needs in a short amount of time. Our best practices can also assist solution providers to navigate the optimal strategies for maintaining their own managed services.


Our expertise includes best practices for training including specific tactics for rolling out features and how to win buy-in from stakeholders across any enterprise. Our training experience spans from teaching college course to in-house training at our offices in Missoula, MT, custom client workshops to ramping up partner channels. Our educational curriculum and frameworks can accelerate a solution provider’s own training initiatives as well as augment your own training with ATG resources.

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