To accelerate a Quote to Cash transformation, an organization requires a clear connection between the corporate vision, the strategy to transform, and business outcomes. We have tools and techniques to help teams at every level succeed throughout every phase of transformation, including full-scale adoption throughout the company’s day-to-day operation.

High-Level Quote to Cash

Transformation Methodology


A Quote to Cash transformation which changes the way your customers buy, consume and receive services on your offerings can greatly disrupt your business. Juggling the needs of your existing customer and product bases while you envision and build your future business model can result in lost opportunity, organizational turmoil and costly delays. Ultimately, a sub-optimal transformation effort can result in failure to achieve needed business outcomes. At ATG, we’ve helped companies of all sizes confront their transformation imperative and enabled leaders to envision, plan, execute and sustain their transformation successfully. Our experts are armed with tool kits and best practices to enable you to focus on building the organizational, process and technological constructs you need to transform, without worrying about the mechanics of transformation.

The ATG Advisory & Transformation practice has foundation in these five principles:

Deliver an iterative, scalable Q2C framework applicable to all four leadership tiers of a transformation initiative: project, portfolio, steering, and corporate.
Keep the focus on strategic business outcomes using KPIs and dashboards.
Enable fast learning and rapid adjustment to minimize wasted capital, talent, and other resources.
Achieve simplicity with measures and dashboards to enable risk management, value assessment, and speed to market.
Achieve sustainability. Deploy integrated technology (including reference architectures), process- and people-based solutions than can be reused for future changes, from small to transformative.

Best of all, we can help you to crystallize the types of activity that will move you closer to your desired business outcomes in logical sequence that ensures that your customers, partners, vendors, and organization make the necessary culture and operational changes as quickly and easily as possible.

We focus on our proven leadership facilitation, organizational change management, transformation governance, technology stacks, and portfolio management practices to ensure that your return on investment is high. We help your teams to separate concerns between your current and future Quote to Cash operating models to ensure efficient functioning as you transform. At all times we show you easy ways to measure if your transformation initiatives are helping you along the path to your long-term business outcomes.