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Implementing Quoting, Contract, Commerce, Commission, and Billing systems is the core of what we do.

ATG is in a unique position as a recognized global thought leader in Quote to Cash, with the #1 implementation position with three leading providers of cloud or platform-based CPQ and billing solutions, providing unique and differentiated value to our clients and our ISV partners.

ATG has always had a passion for developing reusable content to accelerate successful outcomes for our clients and to fuel the growth of our business. With the emergence of the Solution Center approach, the need for training, tools, and methodology was enhanced. ATG now benefits from nearly 15 years of dedicated focus on building proprietary tools and intellectual property (IP) to support our reputation as a Quote to Cash thought leader and premium implementation partner.


The cornerstone of our IP is our Atlas Framework®, which is a suite of implementation methodology, training, and tools that reliably enables on-time and on-budget delivery of cloud-based CPQ, CLM, SPM, Commerce, and Billing solutions. ATG has leveraged the Atlas Framework® to enable hundreds of production Go-Lives in the last 18 months.

Principal attributes of the Atlas Framework® include:


Provides consistency across all phases of a project, including: project estimates, staffing, start-up, design/built/test iterations, QA, conversion/migration, deployment, and adoption


Augments the out-of-the-box product capability to speed the implementation of key business functions


Facilitates debugging, testing, and providing environment comparisons


Ensures consultants are leveraging Quote to Cash best practices and Monetization strategies


Allows ATG to rapidly identify projects that are going off the rails and swarm projects that hit red status


Permits ATG to work with the software provider to ensure the client and project are closely aligned with the product roadmap

Implementation Methodology

Our proprietary ATG Atlas Framework® methodology is proven to ensure project success through risk mitigation and business outcome focus. Our “secret sauce” is our unique Teaming Approach and 200+ ready-to-use Tools – and our results show that it works.


Tools & Accelerators

ATG has created a stable of productivity tools for use when implementing Quote to Cash solutions, among them FuseKit®, a veritable Swiss army knife used to compare Salesforce® data tables and objects across orgs and environments.

With a library of reuseable project accelerators such as our Advanced Approvals Enablement package for CPQ and Billing Reporting & GL Integration toolset for Billing projects, ATG has leveraged its deep knowledge in Q2C to improve project delivery.


The most powerful Salesforce productivity tool you'll ever use.

FuseKit® is a cloud-based toolkit that saves you hours on Salesforce configuration, development, deployments, and data migrations.

Our initial set of customers were our own people, our Implementation Consultants, Developers, Data Migration Specialists, and Deployment teams, typically working on over 60 concurrent projects. FuseKit® has grown from there to be embedded at some of the top technology companies on the planet.

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Implementation Solution Offerings

CPQ, CLM, SPM, Commerce & Billing


Our strong vendor partnerships, proven knowledge and deep domain experience in multiple platforms deployed in the cloud helps you get up and running faster while avoiding costly mistakes.

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Systems Integration

Let our experienced team synthesize the all technology and systems into a seamless monetization ecosystem, helping you stay focused on running your business.
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CPQ Health Check

ATG’s Expert Services provides Salesforce CPQ Health Checks to test the FACT (Fast, Accurate, Clean, Transactable) capabilities of your implementation. In the Health Check, ATG will evaluate the performance, usability, and agility of your current Salesforce CPQ implementation.
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CLM Contracts Migration

Need a little help from your friends? ATG provides Premium Support to assist our partners with solutions architecture and approach as well as on-demand Expert Services from a team of solution-specific resources.
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