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Service providers are rapidly adopting ‘As-a-Service’ cloud applications across the entire Quote to Cash workflow to increase agility in their operations. Yet many approach these deployments like point solutions, making costly mistakes and slowing time-to-value.

We help CIOs balance technology investments with supporting people and process initiatives to ensure successful implementations. Our deep domain experience with cloud application implementations span across the entire ATG Monetization Ecosystem™.

At the heart of the ATG Monetization Ecosystem™ are CPQ, CLM, SPM, and Billing. ATG has developed special accelerators to streamline the implementation while stepping through up to 75 different processes to ensure no stone is left unturned for a smooth and timely implementation.


Business Problems to Solve





Recent ATG Case Studies

Salesforce CPQ & Advanced Approvals Standardize Lead Management Process

Salesforce CPQ & Advanced Approvals Standardize Lead Management Process

CPQ Healthcare & Life Sciences Implementation Services
The client had no standardization in sales process and/or proposal creation. Their quotes had complicated products and the service offerings were hard to maintain and error prone. 
Commerce & Community Clouds, Tableau Reset Critical Revenue Channels

Commerce & Community Clouds, Tableau Reset Critical Revenue Channels

Business Intelligence (BI) Commerce Implementation Services Manufacturing, Construction & Engineering
ATG Cognizant was engaged to deliver implementation of Salesforce Communities and Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enable B2B customer engagement, reporting and e-commerce for traditional (business to wholesale) and modern trade channel partners (business to retail).
Salesforce CPQ Implementation Spawns Full Automation

Salesforce CPQ Implementation Spawns Full Automation

CPQ Implementation Services Technology - IT, Software, IaaS, SaaS
The client engaged ATG to design and implement Salesforce CPQ and Advanced Approvals for their rapidly growing business. Their growth required a CPQ solution that was scalable and could support future state offerings, use cases, and sales strategies.

Key Differentiators


The cornerstone of our IP is the ATG Atlas Framework®, which is a suite of implementation methodology, training, and tools that reliably enables on-time and on-budget delivery of cloud-based CPQ, CLM, SPM, and Billing solutions. ATG has leveraged the Atlas Framework to enable 18 production Go-Lives in a recent 90-day period. In addition, Atlas Framework is now being used by trusted SI Partners in EMEA, APAC, and LATAM, to enable a global, scalable ecosystem for delivering key Quote to Cash cloud solutions.



Our team leverages proven standards and procedures to aggressively control for quality throughout the software implementation and custom development lifecycle.

ATG’s team of quality assurance professionals are a key part of our implementation strategy, right from the beginning of a project. By ensuring up-front, close communication with developers and product managers, our QA team can find and address issues early in the process. This strategy of on-going communication and incremental testing reduces risk of introducing costly errors and ensures ATG consistently delivers the highest quality final projects with speed and agility.

ATG’s team of experts has experience implementing and testing enterprise solutions across complex on-premise and cloud-based Quote to Cash, billing, and custom solutions. QA standards of thoroughly developed test cases and exceptionally written bug reports are leveraged in every one of our projects. Our experts also use the best practices in the industry to address QA automation and streamline the QA process.

Quality assurance is about more than simply addressing bugs. We can help clients test systems already in place, develop strategies to improve their own QA process, or provide services for new implantation projects. In fact, robust Quality Assurance and Testing can be a significant performance catalyst, driving innovation in product lifecycles and speeding time to market for many of our clients. ATG can also tailor quality assurance programs to enhance customer experience and drive customer retention.



We have extensive experience migrating and consolidating data sets across Quote to Cash and custom solutions for a variety of implementation situations, from mergers to systems integrations.

ATG’s data conversion experts can consolidate and simplify digital data across multiple, disparate platforms across the globe. Our expertise in converting complex, siloed systems into simple, consolidated data is deeply rooted in our client-first implementation strategy. The dedicated team at ATG blends real-world experience with a solid focus on understanding our clients’ needs. Our specialists focus on both front-line staff and back-office reporting to provide a holistic solution that prepares companies to scale for growth.

One of the challenges our practice focuses on solving is ensuring organizations have the cleanest data possible for decision makers. When data conflicts inevitably occur, we have well-established tools and procedures to ensure our clients can define the right system of record for each type of data they need to access and track. Providers of digital services are having to rethink how they generate scale and combine infrastructures. Our proven methods offer a convergence of complexity and elegance.


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