Salesforce CPQ Health Check

ATG’s Application Support Services provides Salesforce CPQ Health Checks to test the FACT (Fast, Accurate, Clean, Transactable) capabilities of your implementation. In the Health Check, ATG will evaluate the performance, usability, and agility of your current Salesforce CPQ implementation.

Our goal is to help you find a path forward to optimize your use of the Salesforce CPQ product. We will show you how we can make your process more efficient and improve user experience.


FACT Framework

ATG recommends that the quoting process follow the FACT FrameworkFast, Accurate, Clean, and Transactable.

Every company is intentionally or unintentionally balancing the need for speed, quality, accuracy, and efficiency. Not only is this done for direct selling but also for channel selling and e-commerce. For example, every sales representative will tell you that the fastest way to get a quote out the door is to eliminate any approvals. However, other business stakeholders know that there are financial or legal or other risks that need to be mitigated, hence the need for at least some approval process to ensure quality and accuracy.

Each of the following questions must be asked and answers balanced to ensure an optimal selling environment. Are there too many approvals in the process? Too few? What about data? Should addresses be validated up front, or only at order time? Should customer credit be checked? If yes, should it be early or late in the process?



The quote process is as responsive as the customer requires.



Provisioning and billing information is complete and accurate.



Quotes and proposals are professional and add credibility to the selling process.



Opportunities, quotes, contracts, and orders are integrated with limited need for redundant data entry.

Key Benefits of the CPQ Health Check

Salesforce CPQ Health Checks are focused on helping our clients get the most out of their Salesforce CPQ implementation by reviewing current processes and providing recommendations to ensure you’re getting optimal user experience and business efficiency.

Supported by ATG’s Salesforce CPQ and Billing Practices which consists of more than 200 consultants who have vast expertise in Enterprise Architecture, Program Management, Integration Architecture, Quality Assurance, and Deployment

ATG can identify product or process inefficiencies and provide recommendations for optimal usage.

ATG’s goal with Salesforce CPQ Health Checks is to help you find a path forward to optimize your use of the Salesforce CPQ product.

Salesforce CPQ Health Checks are available at a flat-rate and are conducted by a small team of consultants, taking approximately 20 hours over a two-week period.

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