Advanced solutions built to support Salesforce CPQ customers that have large volumes of records

QuoteXL Bundle

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CloneXL: Large Quote Cloning

Built for customers that need the ability to clone large quotes. Quote Clone 2.0 successfully clones quotes with 1,500+ lines.

  • Custom Apex breaks everything down into an asynchronous process to avoid governor limits while utilizing everyone’s favorite CPQ feature ‘Clone With Related.’
  • Typical ‘Clone With Related’ features can fail anywhere after 500 - 1,000 records.
  • Partial cloning also supported!
  • Enhanced UI for selecting which records you want to clone and the ability to collapse bundle hierarchy.

Watch the CloneXL Demo video!

ApprovalXL: Large Quote Approval

Offers companies the ability to submit large quotes for approval. Quote Approval 2.0 successfully approves quotes with 1,500+ lines.

  • Custom Apex creates a more efficient process to avoid CPU timeouts and hitting limits.
  • Utilizes all your favorite out-of-the-box approval and advanced approval features
  • Enhanced UI and progress bar track approval submission.
  • Email template is optimized for reviewing approval details.

Watch the ApprovalXL Demo video!

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XL Order/Contract Bundle

OrderXL: Large Order Generation

Features the ability to convert complex, large quotes to orders. Create Order 2.0 successfully automates large order generation.

ContractXL: Large Contract Generation

Allows customers the ability to create single large contracts. Create Contract 2.0 allows for enhanced subscription management.


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