Systems Integrations

Systems integration is more than just technology - it’s the efficient balance of people, process and technology.

Companies have enormous opportunities to leverage technology to transform how their business grows and operates. But this same opportunity has its own challenges as the rapidly changing business environment, complexity of the monetization ecosystem and sheer volume of technology providers can consume even the most competent IT departments.

Our system integrators have deep domain experience across the entire ATG Monetization Ecosystem™ - with both on-premise and cloud applications - and can help manage the complexity of technology change. We have the experience in custom software build, implementation, testing, deployment and dev ops, tailoring the integrations to the unique needs of the client and the industries they serve.


At ATG, our leading domain experience in the Quote to Cash and Lead to Revenue processes ensures all departments and key people are considered as you streamline your business. Our industry-leading Quote to Cash accelerator tools, templates and methodology brings discipline and consistency to our system integration projects.

Key Differentiators


The cornerstone of our IP is the ATG Atlas Framework®, which is a suite of implementation methodology, training, and tools that reliably enables on-time and on-budget delivery of cloud-based CPQ, CLM, SPM, Commerce, and Billing solutions. ATG has leveraged the Atlas Framework® to enable hundreds of production Go-Lives in the last 18 months.



ATG’s team of quality assurance professionals are a key part of our implementation strategy, right from the beginning of a project. By ensuring up-front, close communication with developers and product managers, our QA team can find and address issues early in the process. This strategy of on-going communication and incremental testing reduces the risk of introducing costly errors and ensures ATG consistently delivers the highest quality final projects with speed and agility.



We have extensive experience migrating and consolidating data sets across Quote to Cash and custom solutions for a variety of implementation situations—from mergers to systems integrations.

ATG’s data conversion experts can consolidate and simplify digital data across multiple, disparate platforms across the globe. Our expertise in converting complex, siloed systems into simple, consolidated data is deeply rooted in our client-first implementation strategy. The dedicated team at ATG blends real-world experience with a solid focus on understanding our clients’ needs. Our specialists focus on both front-line staff and back-office reporting to provide a holistic solution that prepares companies to scale for growth.