The Human Factor

The Human Factor

The Human Factor

Meagan Damrow
Jun 13, 2017
Meagan Damrow
Jun 13, 2017

R obot recruiting? No, thanks.

Since we were old enough to talk, the question we most often ask is 'Why?' It's the nature of human curiosity, so I’ll start with a ‘why?’?

Why do we have recruiters?

Let's start with the basics

Recruiters have a specialized skill set with certain networks and resources that make finding, vetting, and placing talent a much more agile and efficient process (I can thank Adam Smith's Wealth of Nation for that explanation). We recruiters are experts within facilitation. If you think about any position, whether it’s a Business Analyst or Project Manager, they are all expected to specialize in their job to succeed. This creates efficiencies.

Easy enough, right?

Recruiters also add the 'human touch' and are the face of the organization during the entire recruitment process. Without them, it would be like constantly talking to that robot on the phone when all you really want is a representative (we can all relate).

That brings us to our second why?

Why is the human factor so important in recruiting? That's a great question! Especially in an age where technology is advancing at such a fast pace. Why don't we just use those automated systems and fancy mobile platforms and call it a day? Theoretically, then anyone could find the right talent, right?

I wish it were that simple.

While technology can help with administrative pieces and help automate certain parts of talent sourcing, the strategic thinking and planning around recruitment will forever remain in the hands of the human factor.

Don't get me wrong, technology can really help candidates and recruiters connect in different ways from all over the world. It also plays a role with marketing and recruitment analytics - how many people viewed our page vs. applied, and how many people applied vs. dropped off during the application process. We could never improve our talent process and inefficiencies without the help of different technologies and the new tools that are available; however, it takes a great hiring professional to set all of that up behind the scenes.

Technology can do a lot, but it can't make the selection of a qualified candidate for you. The human factor comes into play when you're identifying a candidate’s qualities - what makes them the 'Ideal Team Player’ (reference from Patrick Lencioni). We, as humans, make emotionally intelligent connections and can vet someone, identifying if they are going to be a well-rounded team player that has the hunger to learn and the drive to add value.

Dare I say that we put the human in human factor?

Will technology help streamline more inefficiencies in the recruitment process? Absolutely. But will it ever replace the human factor? Likely not.

The ATG Cognizant recruiting process

Knowing the ATG way and understanding the method behind the madness.



This is where we review your general information – whether you’re referred, you apply, or it’s through an event. We receive your information and decide whether or not to move forward to an intro conversation. But to answer your question – we’re always hiring!



This can happen via many different channels – it could be a phone conversation, a coffee chat or a walk (we like to shake it up). Basically how we get to know you and your interests.



This depends and can go a couple of different ways depending on the position and level of technicality. We could bring you onsite for a panel meeting, or you might have a 1:1 call or meeting with a senior leadership member – Keyword - it depends.



Our recruitment process is very fluid and is subjective based off of our client needs and projects. It could be a week before we make an offer, or even 4 months. We won’t leave you in a black hole of recruitment though! Scouts honor.



Once we agree that you’re awesome, we’ll send a letter of intent via email outlining your employment. In a perfect world, if you choose to work with us, we’ll kick off your background check and work out your start date.



Do we provide training? Of course! We love setting up our employees for success with a side of ambiguity. We have different training classes and learning sessions so you can become an expert in a specific area you have interest in.


Meagan Damrow is a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist in ATG's Missoula office. She has been with ATG since March 2017, and adds a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology recruiting.

Her love of Dr. Pepper is a bit disturbing, however.