Transformative Implementations Improve Business Operations

case study

Transformative Implementations Net Improved Business Operations


An event management company needed to standardize business operations to enable their team to operate on a single-platform solution.

Industry: Software
Services: Event Management


  • The recently acquired business needed a way to implement and adhere to the best practices and recommended technology to support the growth expected over the next year.
  • Our Client needed to increase automation opportunities throughout the sales process to become more efficient and streamlined regarding the following processes:
    • Pipeline & Lead Management
    • Account Hierarchy & Relational Reporting Ability
    • Quote Creation, Delivery, & Signature Acceptance
    • Usage Mediation & Accuracy of Invoice Data
  • Our client needed a transformative solution to allow the business to better support internal teams as well as enable customers to continue to book, plan, manage, and execute events.


  • Implementation Services: Our team worked closely with IT Delivery to help implement Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing, and Integration & Data Migration Strategy & Execution.
  • Implementation Services: ATG leveraged a suite of tools in conjunction with another implementation partner to deliver the transformation in an efficient and timely manner.
    • Design & Implementation Tracking in Custom Salesforce Application
    • Data Migration Strategy & Plan
    • Integration Mapping Documentation & Development
  • Transformation Tools: ATG leveraged the following technology to support the agreement and signature processes:
    • Conga Composer for Output Document Generation & Delivery
    • DocuSign eSignature & Payment Information Capture


  • Client was able to accelerate business operations and meet industry standards more easily by transitioning to the Salesforce Platform solution.
  • ATG executed a successful Data Migration of all legacy records to continue managing and maintaining existing customers on the new platform solution.
  • ATG also executed a successful Account, Order, and Invoice Integration with NetSuite.
  • ATG assisted in designing a mature Salesforce Billing solution to capture the following:
    • Order Management & Integration with NetSuite
    • Streamlined Usage Rating & Calculation for Accurate Invoicing
  • ATG enabled the Client to sunset legacy systems that were no longer supporting or enabling their growth strategies.
  • The client conceded some requirements in order to achieve the go-live date, yet still had a successful implementation.


“ATG, along with our Client Partners, collaborated to deliver a transformative technology solution, end to end. From January to May, we were able to implement Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing, and NetSuite! This will absolutely enable success in growing our business and improving the overall customer experience.”

- Client Spokesperson