What Your Company May Be Missing

What Your Company May Be Missing

Tom Stergios
OCT 17, 2015
Tom Stergios
OCT 17, 2015

Change. It's cliché to argue that change is occurring at an ever-increasing pace, but something has happened in the past several years that seems to have dramatically upped the ante.

At the macro level, many of our clients and prospects are making paradigm shifts in their business models to seize opportunities in the cloud.

At the mid-level, technology leaders are struggling to evaluate myriad technology platforms to support this change.

And at the micro level, project teams are wrestling with employee retention, and with finding resources that are adept at working with newer cloud-based technologies and agile development methodologies.

The CIO is usually the person who is on the hottest of seats trying to manage this change. Gone are the days of holing up in a war room for three months and building a strategic plan with tens of millions of dollars in capital. Strategic and tactical decisions are often made in ‘just in time’ mode. CIOs are challenged like never before to enable the needs of the business. Often they are struggling just to keep up.

ATG has developed a specific offering to help CIOs navigate this change and ensure that they are making wise strategic and tactical investments. We call it the Quote to Cash (Q2C) Assessment.

The Q2C Assessment is a concise but thorough review of the environment that supports customer acquisition, sales, fulfillment, billing/collections, customer care, revenue recognition, and renewal. It is focused on B2B and B2C service providers were growing the customer base, maximizing revenue per user (ARPU), minimizing churn, and achieving high customer satisfaction and loyalty are keys to the success of the business.

With the deliverables of the Q2C Assessment in hand, the CIO has the tools to understand the high-level needs of his key business constituencies, along with the strengths and limitations of his Q2C environment to be able to support the business need.


High-level requirements of key business stakeholders are elicited and summarized


Existing Q2C systems and operating environment are documented in a consistent, easy-to-understand manner – for both technical and non-technical stakeholders


Areas of vulnerability across People, Process, and Technology are identified, along with specific recommendations for short and long-term improvement

Historically, ATG has been called in to do these assessments because of a compelling event such as an acquisition, new CIO, paradigm shift in business model, or simply companies that are hitting that hockey stick growth moment. Recently, we have been working with clients that are facing several or sometimes all of these challenges at once. Change is happening faster and faster.

Our methodology for the Q2C Assessment is straightforward but exceedingly thorough. We work with all of the key users and stakeholders of the Q2C environment to understand how they do their job today and what they see happening over the next several years. We interview C-level executives to understand the direction of the company. We leverage ATG expertise in key areas such as Sales, Sales Engineering, Operations, Network, Billing, and Finance to identify current capability versus industry best practices. We review key Q2C systems from a user, administrator, and developer perspective. We bundle all of this into precise problem area identification and resulting recommendations around People, Process, and Technology. Our recommendations range from Immediately Actionable to Long Term Strategic Investment.

Are you confident that your environment for managing customers and revenue is optimized? Is your organization challenged to do more with less? Are you in a position where you can confidently say ‘yes’ to the business more often than not? ATG’s Q2C Assessment is specifically designed to help you answer these questions in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. Contact ATG for more details.


Tom Stergios is ATG's SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development, and the General Manager of the Missoula Solution Center.

Tom was born and raised in Missoula and returned in the midst of a very successful technology consulting career to raise his family with his wife Mary Lou.