You Spelled ‘Quote to Cash’ Wrong.

Quote 2 cast summit

You Spelled 'Quote to Cash' Wrong

Tom Stergios
JUL 18, 2017
Quote 2 Cast Summit

Y ou have have a type in your title. Everyone keeps telling me that. Or, Quote to Cash is spelled wrong.

"No, that's intentional," I respond. "Troutforce was taken, so we went with Quote 2 Cast."

After a little back and forth I usually get an, “Oh, I get it…kinda.”

That pretty much sums up ATG.

We do everything you’d expect from an enterprise IT consulting company, we just do it in a new and different way. Teaming with clients without backing up the bus, fixated on client outcome rather than billable hours, and relentlessly focusing on one primary area (Quote to Cash) rather than chasing the next hot technology, ATG has a track record of being just a little bit different than other consulting companies.

For years we have been bringing our best clients to Montana in the summer to work on some of the industries industry’s toughest Quote to Cash challenges. Intense whiteboarding, strategy sessions, deep dives into integration patterns – followed by a float on the Clark Fork River, followed by a cold beer listening to live music in a beautiful outdoor venue. “How’s your son doing now that he has his driver’s license?” is interspersed with, “Do we have our product catalog ownership issues resolved?” which is interleaved with “I need to introduce you to the head of product with XYZ Corp. who can help make sure you are aware of the 2-year roadmap of your quoting platform.”

Quote to Cash is hard.

Building an operating environment to manage customers and revenue in today’s dynamic business and technology environment has never been more challenging. Year-long RFPs followed by years-long implementations are no longer sufficient or acceptable. Today’s technology leaders must manage dozens of technology providers, and package that with world-class process and organizational design to achieve the right outcome. Quote 2 Cast is designed to provide a forum for helping our clients and key vendor partners to meet up and discuss the most challenging issues of the day, in a relaxed setting where deep relationships can be forged.

CPQ and Billing are the heart of Quote to Cash and we have assembled an unprecedented array of the winners in the technology space, paired with dozens of clients that are solving major challenges of the day. Transitioning to Subscription and Recurring Revenue? Tackling IOT? Building a Usage and Consumption based business? Ready for the new Revenue Recognition standards? What’s the best Missoula based IPA?

These questions and more will be tackled August 9-11 – Join us!


Tom Stergios is the SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development at ATG and has over 27 years of experience working with service providers in the Quote to Cash space.

Tom has been in the Q2C consulting space so long that, in his early days, Quote to Cash was known as Quote to Pelts. Born and raised in Missoula, Tom is perhaps best known for his buffalo hunting skills, his many recipes involving maize, and for being the guy that gave Lewis & Clark directions to Spokane.